Help - the Basics

Search combines search and social media functionality. All results on are created and sorted by you and others. With that, you can structure and rate information from the internet the way you like. 

You can search with same as you do with other search engines. You just enter your search and immediately the results are showing. Check out our tour to see how that works.

In the center results from are displayed. On right side or on your mobile device in a separate tab results from Google and Bing are showing. In addition, a separate tab shows experts matching your search.

The result shows the expert who has done the discovery, date and keyword. Below the website number of hits, comments and how often the discovery was shared are displaying.

Choose "Statistics" to show a detailed stats explaining why the result is showing at that position. does not save your searches. Therefore can not show you a search history or make suggestions based on your search history. When entering a search, will make suggestions based on the search term itself.

Filter and Sorting lets you filter the results by experts. Just choose the displayed expert count. Now a list of experts is showing, who have done discoveries that are relevant four your search. When you choose the profile image or the name of the expert, your results get filtered accordingly. As results the discoveries from the selected expert are showing, so you can see keywords, title and description that this expert has chosen for the discoveries.

Next to some experts a red box with text is showing. This is the cluster, to which the expert belongs. When you choose this cluster, it is taken as filter and you will only see discoveries form experts of that cluster.

Simply delete the filter by choosing it.

You can sort results by relevance or date, if you choose "best" or "latest".


To join , just login. The most simple way is to use the anonymous login option. Please be aware, that in this case your discoveries, hits and comments might be deleted or changed by other users.

In just a few steps, you can also register  and login with your Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft or Google account.

Or you sign up directly with with your Email and the keyword of your choice.

Dashboard and Messages

After login your profile image is showing top right. New messages are indicated with a green bubble and count. Choose your profile image, then the message and the action that caused the message is displayed.

To get to the dashboard, choose your profile image, then your name. On your dashboard all your activities are displayed, your stats and you can edit your profile.

Choose your profile and then the settings icon to determine, which activities on your dashboard shall be visible to others.

Hit lets everyone who has signed up add discoveries, that are showing as search results. The sorting of the results is determined by your hits.

Part of each discovery is a keyword, that you can see at top it. When you think that this keyword is relevant for the website of the discovery, give it a green hit. For this, choose the green star below the discovery. If you think the keyword is not relevant for the website, give it a red hit. Your hit together with the hits from others determine the order of the results.


You can add comments to every discovery. The expert who has done the discovery will get a message about this. If you think a website is not relevant for the keyword chosen in the discovery, you might want to tell this in your coment to the expert who has done the discovery.

To comment a discovery, simply choose the Comment text below the discovery. When you have done already a hit, the comment box will show directly. At any time you can edit or delete your comment, if you choose the "More" text below the comment.


A discovery has a keyword, a website and a star. The star indicates, how relevant the keyword is for teh website.

To add a discovery, you have several options:

  • Copy the address of the website and choose "Add discovery" button
  • At the Google and Bing results, choose the "" icon
  • At a discovery, choose the arrow, then "Discover"
  • The easiest way to add a discovery is to use our extension

When adding a discovery, below the address you will get informed if the website has already been discovered. Below the keyword you will see if you can use this keyword. 

For title and description by default the text is used that is provided by the website or the Google-/Bing-Search. You can change this text and choose titel and description the way you like.

To complete your discovery, choose a star, that represents the relevance of the keyword for the website. A green star will make the discovery showing in the upper part of the search results, while a red star will make it showing in the lower part.

The order of the results will therefore be determined by the start chosen in your discovery together with the hits from others for your discovery.

Your discoveries and hits from others for them will build up your keyword competence. The level of that competence will determine the share of the campaign budget you will receive. Based on your single keyword competence your overall competenc is calculated. in Detail

Logic of 

Follow and Feed

Watch immediately which discoveries were done by your favorite experts by following them. For this, you choose "Follow" next to the expert name. Your feed will then display their latest discoveries. To get your feed, click your profile image top right and then the Newsfeed-Icon.

Check on your dashboard in your "Following" spot, whom you are following and in your "Followers" spot, who is following you. for Pros


You can share your discovery with all other experts and with any Email address. Just choose "Share" below the discovery, then "Share now". If the discovery has an image that can be used for the sharing, that image will be displayed. Otherwise you can choose your favorite image from a website.

For sharing your discovery on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr, you first need to esatblish a connection with these social media websites. For this, go to the "Shared" spot of your dashboard, there choose "Connected Social Networks". When clicking the website you will be asked to authorize .


Using campaigns, you can request hits for your discovery from many users in a short time.

To start a campaign choose "Buy" button on your campaign spot of your dashboard. Select your budget and buy it using Paypal.

Now your budget is showing as balance und you can start you campaign. For this, either choose the arrow at top right of your discovery, then "Start Campaign" or choose "New Campaign" on the campaign spot of your dashboard.

You will get information about who has discovered the website and which keyword was used. With the "duration" slider  you can determine who long the campaign should run. The sliders "budget" and "multiplier" will set the number number of experts that are selected to participate in the campaign. You can also see, which participant has already used the keyword for an own discovery. 

After starting a campaign, the number of experts that have already participated are showing in your campaign spot of your dashboard. You get detailed stats together with the name and the hits of the participants. If the campaign does not proceed as expected, you can cancel it, but you need to pay the experts that have already participated. After stopping the campaign, you can even delete it. Then the hits given by the experts during the campaign will be deleted as well.

For your campaign first the participants are selected, who have done discoveries with the keyword of the campaign. Experts with a high competence for your keyword get a bigger share of the budget compared to those with a lower competence. Then the experts without competence for your keyword are selected, sorted by their overall competence, until the budget is exhausted.

When a campaign is started where you are selected as participant, you will get a message and an Email. All you need to do is to hit the discovery, then you have already earned your share of the budget. Looking at "Your earnings" on your dashboard, you get an overview of what you have earned in the campaigns. You also can request a pay-out.

Start your campaign

Earn money with 


With our extensions you can see on every website immediately, if it is already discovered. You can add your own discovery easily. On Google and Bing Websearch pages you can show the results directly next to it. You can also discover results from Google and Bing directly. extensions are available for Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Install our Firefox-Extension

Install our Chrome-Extension


With our App for Android and iOS you can easily add discoveries on your tablet and smartphone. You browse the pages as you usally do in Chrome or Safari. If you want to discover it, share it with . You will then complete the discovery on the website.

Our App is available for Android and for iOS.

Websites with Problems

For some websites, creating a discovery can face some obstacles:

  • tells you, when a website that was discovered has a virus. If this is for sure, will block the discovery. If this is just probably, you will get a warning
  • indicates if a website is not available anymore. You can tell us if this is right or wrong using the voting functionality
  • If a website is redirected or not available at all, will tell you when doing the discovery as default search engine

Use as your standard search engine for getting all result immediately. as standard search engine in Edge as standard search engine in Firefox as standard search engine in Chrome

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