How works in a nutshell combines core-elements from search and social network: results get permanently rated, ordered by a social community process and shared as well as exchanged.

All results on are created by users and their sorting is directed by the users - usual search engines in contrast use intransparent algorithms and are non-human gatekeeper in addition.

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Where do the results come from?

All results on are created by users - i.e. by you. Results are added to a search according to their relevance. The relevance is permanently updated by other users, which also determines updates of the result order.

To put it in other words: Irrelevant information usually is not added and showing in If that is done or websites with low quality content is added, then these results will be downrated by other users and pushed out of the top results.

Results form are trustworthy

For this, combines core-elements from search and social network: results get permanently rated by all users, ordered by a social community process and shared as well as exchanged. Die best results are positively rated by the majority of the users and will appear on top. Low quality results will get down-rated and pushed to the bottom of the search result list. This is the philosophy of trustworthy results.

Results are rated permanently

Results are permanently rated by users (star-scale) and new results are added. Each hit, i.e. each click on a star, does contribute to the relevance. If you are an experienced experts with proven record, your hit will gain more and more weight..

The outcome of this logic is that result order is determined by users. Search results are up-to-date, rated by the social community and therefore trustworthy.

Results can be filtered by experts

Experts have profound knowledge and dedicated opinions in their field of expertise. lets each user benefit from this knowledge, by providing the ability to filter by experts: A click on the expert's name filters the results. If you want to get informed about all discoveries from your chosen experts, you can follow them.

Results are shared and exchanged

New discoveries and opionions can be shared: Using, Facebook or Twitter or E-Mail you are asking for new ratings of the discovery. If this is for your own search result list or für specific results - sharing and exchange opens unlimited possibilities.

The latest trends will and developments will be added by users and showing immediately. Other users will get inspired by this and add their latest discoveries as well.

Anonymous search and ratings possible on

Fake-Accounts for anonymous actions? Not necessary in, just use our swarm for searches, discoveries and ratings.

To use all functionalities of, you need to sign-up. Since you might want to keep some searches anonymous, we have invented the swarm. When using the swarm, your actions will not be identified with your name, but your results will become part of the knowledge shared on offers so much more

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